Facebook is testing a facial recognition system to login

facial recognition

The social media giant, Facebook has tried a number of methods to help users regain access to a locked account. Facebook is now working on a facial recognition feature to help users secure the account and verify identity.

“We are testing a new feature for people who want to quickly and easily verify account ownership during the account recovery process. This optional feature is available only on devices you’ve already used to log in. It is another step that were taking to make sure account owners can confirm their identity,” claimed Facebook.

Facial recognition is the next big thing in biometric verification and with Apple using it in one of their flagship products, the trend for using facial recognition as an alternative to fingerprint scanner will catch on with manufacturers as well as users. Therefore, it is important that the world should start preparing for the next-gen biometric verification method, which explains why Facebook is testing facial recognition to log into accounts.

Unlike Apple, which is using Face ID facial recognition to unlock the iPhone X every time a user wishes to use it, Facebook is clearly limiting its use to account recovery. Even then, the feature is optional. However, if it proves successful Facebook will likely be very tempted to expand its use. It is, after all, very convenient for a user to look into a camera as a security check.

So if you’re locked out of your account and can’t access two-factor authentication, which sends a code by SMS, facial scanning could be another option down the line. Facebook says the facial verification would occur during the account recovery process.

Facebook has also trained neural networks to recognize people by their hair, body shape, and posture.

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